Faculty and Members

Faculty and Members

Ekpenyong Group

Group Picture: 2017. (L-R: Joe Bamesberger, Sindhuja Suresh, Devika Prasanth, Michael Merrick, Sruti Prathivadhi, Dr Andrew Ekpenyong, Anh Vo, Bong Lee, Noah Zetocha, Michael Mimlitz. Not shown: Christopher Landis, Aaron Herridge).


Dr Andrew Ekpenyong

Dr. Andrew Ekpenyong

*Currently a professor of physics at Creighton University; teaches Nuclear Instruments and Methods, General Physics, Quantum Mechanics; carries out medical physics and biomedical physics research.
*Education: PhD (Physics, University of Cambridge, UK, 2012), M.S. Physics (Creighton University, 2007), B.D (Pontifical Urban Univ, Rome, 2003), B.Phil, (Pontifical Urban Univ, Rome, 1998), B.A. (Univ of Uyo, Nigeria, 1998)
*Author of 3 Physics textbooks for high schools in Nigeria
*Author of over 25 scientific papers in international journals (biomedical physics, soft matter physics, physics of complex systems)
*Post-doctoral scientist in Dresden, Germany, 2012-2014
*Using his salary and donations from a non-profit organization he setup here in Nebraska, he is coordinating the building of Research Hospitals and Mobile Clinics in rural parts of Southeastern Nigeria (see http://www.juhri.org/)
*He lives and ministers as a priest at St Mary Magdalene Catholic Church, Downtown Omaha.












Graduate Research Students:

1. Bong Han Lee

Bong Han Lee

*Class of 2018,

*In TBP, from Spring 2016;

Research Project: Cytomolecular Tunining of Quantum Dots for Bio-inspired Physics

Undergraduate Research Students:

Sruti Prathivadhi

1. Sruti Prathivadhi

*Class of 2017,  Mathematics and Physics double major, Premed;

*In TBP, from Spring 2015 till Spring 2017;

*2015 Ferlic Scholar, *2016 Ferlic Scholar

*Student Editor, Journal of Young Investigators

*Research Projects in TBP: 1) Mathematical modelling of cancer metastasis using hydrodynamics of microcirculation; 2) In vitro modelling of cancer metastasis using a Microfluidic Microcirculation Mimetic (MMM).






Jian-hao Ning

2. Jian-hao Ning

*Class of 2017,  Chemistry Major;

*In TBP, from Fall 2015 till Fall 2016;

*Research Project in TBP:

A morphometric algorithm for tracking chemotherapy-induced alterations in cell morphology with implications for cancer metastasis

3. Patrick Nguyen

4. Michael Mimlitz

"Sophomore at Creighton University: Physics and Chemistry Double Major on the premed track."


5. Carolyn Taylor (co-supervised by Dr M. Nichols)

6. Devika Prasanth

7. Sindhu Suresh


8. Noah Zetocha
*Currently a Junior at Creighton University; Biomedical Physics Major, Music and Public Health minors
*Member of the Honors Program
*Research Projects in Translation Biomedical Physics: 1) Using IL-8 cytokine secretion in HL-60 cells during simulated microgravity to study other secretion disorders such as cancers, sepsis and inflammatory disorders. 2) Use fluid flow computational model to represent fluid and cell movement in rotational cell culture system (NASA)



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