Research Funding

Creighton University/Omaha Public Power District: University-Industry R&D Partnership (Nebraska EPSCoR, P.I.: D. Sidebottom, 6 months, $10,000 total 1/2010 - 6/2010).  Research capabilities at Creighton are joined with industry knowledge at OPPD to explore the efficacy of renewable energy for the state of Nebraska.

Dynamic light scattering test of bond model prediction for the dynamics of network-forming liquids near the glass transition (National Science Foundation, P.I.: D. Sidebottom, 4 year, $370,000 total 9/2009 - 9/2013).  The goal of this study is to investigate structural relaxation in molten oxide glasses to test bond model predictions.

Light Scattering and Fluorescence Study of Sugar Solutions as Cryoprotective Agents in Protein Storage (National Institutes for Health, P.I.: D. Sidebottom, 2 year, $216,750 total 9/2009 – 9/2011).  The goal of this project is to investigate the cryopreserving properties of aqueous sugars using fluorescent proteins and dynamic light scattering techniques.

Dynamic light scattering investigation of the mixed alkali effect in alkali metaphosphate glasses (Research Corporation. P.I.: D. L. Sidebottom, $37,200 direct (w/ $4,000 matching), 5/2006 - 5/2008).  The goal of this project is to study the effects of mixing alkali species on the viscoelastic relaxation of molten metaphosphate glasses using photon correlation spectroscopy.

Dynamic light scattering in network-forming glasses (Petroleum Research Fund. P.I.: D. L. Sidebottom, $35,000 direct, 5/2006 - 5/2008).  Novel photon correlation spectroscopy measurements of molten oxide glasses are planned to investigate how glass fragility is connected to chemical structure.

Acquisition of Impedance Spectroscopy Lab: A User Facility (Roy J. Carver Trust, Award Number: #07-2895, co-P. I.: D. Sidebottom, $ 472,896 total equipment).  This is a collaborative equipment proposal to obtain a state of the art impedance spectroscopy facility at Iowa State University which could be used by several research groups in the midwest.

Search for vibrational origins of the nearly constant loss in ion-conducting glasses (Creighton University Summer Faculty Research Fellowship, $4,500, Summer 2004).  This study explored the nearly constant loss in a series of alkali metaphosphate glasses.

Reinvestigation of Ionic Motion in Amorphous Materials: A Power Law Approach to the a.c. Conductivity (Department of Energy - Basic Energy Sciences, Award Number: DE-FG03-98ER45696, P. I.: D. Sidebottom, $ 320,000 total, 5/1998 - 5/ 2002).  The goal of this project was to understand the origins of self-similar features in the a.c. conductivity of ion-conducting materials.


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