Some Old Friends

Here you will find our "old friends" who have helped guide and shape the Physics Department over the years. Many were on short term contracts until additional tenure track positions could be made available. We are deeply indebted to the service of these individuals:

Ms. Katherine E. Becker (1988-1997) is retired in Omaha.

Mrs. Nancy Blazek (1996-1998)

Dr. Jan T. M. Chrin (1994-1999) is now at the Nuclear Research Institute in Switzerland.

Dr. K. Michael Davies (1969-1992) is engaged in osteoporosis research at the Creighton Medical School.

Dr. Alan J. DeWeerd (1996-1998) now teaches at the University of Redlands.

Dr. Donald N. Gideon (1949-1953) works at Battelle Memorial Institute.

Mr. Jeffrey J. Gross (1995-1996) is now a computer controls engineer in Des Moines, IA.

Dr. Tyler Gruber (1998-1999) works at Columbian Chemicals Company in Marietta, GA.

Dr. Phuoc Ha (2001-2003) now teaches at Towson University in Baltimore, MD.

Dr. Lenore Horner (1999-2001) now teaches at southern Illinois University at Edwardsville.

Dr. P. K. John (1963-1964) is at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario.

Mrs. Bonnie J. Kelley (1975-2003) has now retired. Bonnie was Department secretary for 28 years.

Dr. Semih S. Kumru (1996-1997) is an assistant professor of physics at the U.S. Air Force Academy.

Mr. Basil N. Lazure (1946-) is retired in Omaha.

Dr. Roger Loucks (1998-2001) now teaches at Alfred University in NY

Dr. David P. Maloney (1977-1987) is at the University of Indiana-Purdue in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Rev. Thomas McShane, S.J. d. 2018 Fr. McShane was a long-time faculty member in the physics department until he retired in 2013.

Dr. Hai Nguyen (2016-2017) is at Tennessee Wesleyan University.

Mrs. Michelle Pope (2003-2011) is now an administrative assistance in Classical and Modern Languages.

Rev. John M. Scott, S.J. (Summer Sessions in the 1950's and 1960's) lives in the Creighton University Jesuit Community where he continues to be a prolific author of popular books and articles on science and religion.

Dr. Dion W. J. Shea (1966-1968) is in the department of graduate development for CUNY.

Mr. Robert F. Stoffel(1968 - 2010) is retired and living in Iowa. Bob started as Physics Shop Technician in 1968 and then served as laboratory manager from 1987-2010.

Dr. Paul E. Wack (1947-1950) is at the University of Portland in Portland, Oregon.

Rev. Clarence M. Wagener, S.J. (1959-d.2000)

Dr. Robert J. Whitaker (1959-1960) is at Southwest Missouri State University at Springfield, Missouri.

Dr. Scott Williams (2015-2017)

Rev. M. John Wymelenberg, S.J. (1962-1977) lives at the Creighton University Jesuit Community and does pastoral work.

Dr. Yuri Gorbunov ( -2011)

Dr. Kithsiri Jayananda ( -2011)

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