Recommended Courses Sequence

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Recommended Course Sequence (Plan A):

(Note:there is a special course sequence for the Teaching Certificate track which is
found separately in this handbook)
First year
Fall Spring
Core course 1
Core course 2
Graduate Seminar (PHY 791 or 591)  
Ind. Dir. Study or Readings(PHY 793 or PHY 795)
Elective Graduate Seminar
Ind. Dir. Study or readings (PHY 793 or 795)  
Second year
Fall Spring
Core course 3 Core course 4
Masters Thesis (PHY 799) Masters Thesis (PHY 799)
Graduate Seminar
Graduate Seminar
  • Each core course (PHY 611, PHY 621, PHY 631, PHY 641) is offered every other year.  
  • PHY 793/795/797 serves as an introduction to research with a faculty member. 
  • Electives can be any 500- , 600-, or 700-level physics course, or appropriate courses from another department that are directly related to your thesis research. 
  • Teaching Fellows are limited to a total of 18 cr. hrs. per year (Fall+Spring+Summer). 
  • Plan B students substitute Ind. Dir. Research (PHY 797, 3 cr. hrs.) for the two Masters Thesis courses; a formal report on the research is required.

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