Undergraduate Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarship Award Winners
Year Michael Anderson Award ($2000)
Awarded to the student entering Modern Physics who had the best performance in General Physics, following in the spirit of Major Michael Anderson
The Alumni Award ($1000)
Awarded to the senior physics major with the best performance on the Modern Physics section of the Graduate Comprehensive Exam

Note that this award is no longer active.

Schrodinger Cat Award ($3000)
From 2001-2008 was awarded to a junior or senior level female physics major actively engaged in research with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25.

2017-2018 Dan Pham Anh Vo  
2016-2017 Carolyn Taylor    
2015-2016 Danielle Desa Danielle Desa  
2014-2015 Ryan Gnabasik Ryan Gnabasik  
2013-2014 Nathan Horst Nathan Horst  
2012-2013 Kristina Ward Saad Malik  
2011-2012 Samantha Showalter    
2010-2011 Samantha Showalter    
2009-2010 Allison Showalter    
2008-2009 Timothy Smith Timothy Smith and Joseph Brewer  
2007-2008 Timothy Smith Nicholas Busch Jennie Burns
2006-2007 Timothy Smith Brandon Rodenburg Meg Marquardt
2005-2006 Colleen Hartsig Colleen Hartsig Meg Marquardt
2004-2005 Colleen Hartsig    
2003-2004   Nicholas Hatcher Ann Kemper
2002-2003     Kakie McGill
2001-2002     Megan Schreiner
Sarah Stapleton
2000-2001     Sarah Stapleton

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