B.S. Major in Physics: 4-Year Plan

This 4-year plan satisfies the requirements for the B.S. degree with a major in physics as well as the core requirements in four years. There is plenty of room for students to customize the degree according to their interests.

Freshman Year

Physics Major: 4-Year Plan

Fall Spring
Course Credits Course Credits
PHY 201/213/221 & 205 LM 4 PHY 202/214/222 & 206 LM 4
Calculus I or II 4 Calculus II or III 4
RSP 1 Foundations: Critical Issues 3
Foundations: Composition 3 Foundations: Oral Communications 1
Foreign Language 4 Foundations: Theology 3
  16   15
Sophomore Year
Fall Spring
Course Credits Course Credits
Modern Physics 3 Optics & Lab 4
Research Methods 2 Electronics Lab 1
Calculus III or Physics Elective 3 Explorations: Ethics 3
Foundations: Philosophy 3 Explorations: Biblical Traditions 3
Explorations: History 3 Explorations: Understanding Social Science 3
  14   14
Junior Year
Fall Spring
Course Credits Course Credits
Thermodynamics 3 Electricity and Magnetism 3
Research 1 Classical Mechanics 3
Doing Social Science 3 Explorations: Fine Arts 3
Explorations: Literature 3    
MTH 350: Diff. Eq. and Linear Algebra 3    
  13   9
Senior Year
Fall Spring
Course Credits Course Credits
Quantum Mechanics 3 Physics Capstone 1
ResearchSeminar 1 Physics Elective 3
Intersections 3 Ultimate Questions 3
  7   7




*Students who need to take a pre-calculus math course may begin calculus in the second semester. General physics is then begun in the second semester or in the first semester of the sophomore year.

**The minimum requirements for the physics concentration are stated here.

The courses listed below are suggested to fill in or expand the program. The list is not intended to be exhaustive. Choices will depend on the specific career plans and interests of the student.

  • General Chemistry I-II (CHM 203-206)
  • Computer Programming I (CSC 221)
  • Applied Linear Algebra (MTH 529)
  • Differential Equations (MTH 545)
  • Mathematical Statistics l-ll (MTH 561-562)

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