General Information

Duplicating: The copy machine is located in the department mail room (HL G79). It is not intended for personal copying. Students are advised to familiarize themselves with the Federal Copyright Laws that are posted near the machine. You can print directly to the copier from your computer (Printer name is HLSBG79-WC5150 on the print1 printserver).

Students with Disabilities: The laboratories are designed to accommodate handicapped students. If one of your students is handicapped, you should notify the Lab Manager to assure that appropriate accommodations are in place. If you feel that a student’s disability is a problem, you should express your concerns to your course coordinator.
Sexual Harassment: All TFs are requested to complete an online course on sexual harassment. Please complete this training before your first class and provide a copy of you certificate to the Office Manager.
Student Cheating/Plagiarism: Cheating and plagiarism are serious infractions of University policy and can easily result in immediate expulsion. If you suspect a student of such misconduct, do not accuse the student outright. Instead, collect any supporting evidence of the infraction (copies of student’s coursework, etc.) and discuss the issue with your course coordinator.
Office Supplies: Several common office supplies are available in the mail room. If any item(s) has run out, notify the Office Manager to have the item(s) replaced.
Textbooks (Desk Copies): TFs should receive a copy of the textbook and any laboratory manuals for the course with which they are involved. These materials are not to be re-sold, but are to re-cycled each semester. If you are missing these materials, contact your course coordinator.
Email: An email account ( ) can be started by contacting the Information Technology staff at 280-1111. Please let the Office Manager know the email address you intend to use for department activities so that it can be added to the department’s listserv. This listserv is the department’s primary means for communicating important information.
Keys: See the Office Manager to receive keys that you will need. There are no keys to the exterior doors of the buildings. Outside doors are generally unlocked during daytime and can be opened at night and weekends using your Student ID card.
Security: If you unlock a door, you are responsible for seeing that it is re-locked when you are finished using the room. If you find an un-occupied room open after 5 pm, please lock it.
Parking: A parking permit is required to park you vehicle in any campus lot. To obtain a parking permit, contact Public Safety at 280-2104.
Payroll: You should fill out all the appropriate forms in order to get on the payroll. This is arranged with the Office Manager.
Safety: Your safety and that of your students is an important consideration. TFs will be required to complete annual safety training before being allowed to teach in the laboratory. This group training session is usually conducted in the department just prior to the start of the Fall semester. During your first class, you should point out to the students the location of all safety items, such as fire extinguishers, fire alarms, chemical showers, eyewashes, etc.) The lower level of Rigge is the approved tornado shelter for your students. A list of emergency numbers and/or an emergency phone should be readily available in your laboratory.


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