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Physics Field Day 2018 - Accidental Discoveries
Friday, April 6th, 2018

1st Place: Gold Foil (Mt. Michael)

2nd Place: X-rays (Mt. Michael)

3rd Place: Cosmic Background Radiation (Mt. Michael)

Physics Field Day 2017 - The Ig Nobels
Saturday, April 1st, 2017

1st Place: Dizzy Discus (Mt. Michael)

2nd Place: Hair Heaps (Duschesne)

3rd Place: Frozen Feet (Papillion LaVista)

Physics Field Day 2016 - Nobel Laureates
Saturday, March 19th, 2016

1st Place: Duschene Academy

2nd Place: Papillion/La Vista

3rd Place:

Physics Field Day 2015 - Condensed Matter
Saturday, March 28th, 2015

1st Place: Team Superconductors (Duchesne Academy)

2nd Place: Team Graphene (Spalding Academy)

3rd Place: Tean LEDs (Mount Michael)

Physics Field Day 2014 - The Physics of Everyday Objects

1st Place: Team Air Conditioning (Mt. Michael) 

2nd Place: Team Contacts (Gross)

3rd Place: Team Rainbows (Burke)

Physics Field Day 2013 - The Space Race

1st Place: Duchesne Team Hau

2nd Place: Westside Team Wichterle

3rd Place: Duchesne Team Mazor


Physics Field Day 2012 - The Universe


1st Place:

2nd Place: 

3rd Place : 

Physics Field Day 2011 (PDF)

1st Place: Mount Michael Team I

2nd Place: Duschene Team I

3rd Place (tie): Mount Michael Team II and Gross Catholic


Physics Field Day 2010 (PDF)

First Place: Mount Michael (Team 3)

Second Place: Gross Catholic (Team 2)

Third Place: Gross Catholic (Team 1)



Physics Field Day 2009 (PDF)

First Place: Central Academy (Team 1)

Second Place: Gross Catholic (Team 5)

Third Place: Central Academy (Team 2)


Physics Field Day 2008 (PDF)

First Place: Gross Catholic (Team 1)

Second Place: Gross Catholic (Team 2)

Third Place: Mount Michael (Team 2)


Physics Field Day 2007 (PDF)

First Place: Abraham Lincoln High School (Team A)

Second Place: Mount Michael (Team A)

Third Place: Gross Catholic (Team A)


Physics Field Day 2006 (PDF)

First Place: Tie! Gross Catholic Team II Mount Michael Team X

Third Place: Tie! Gross Catholic Team I Mount Michael Team Y


Physics Field Day 2005 (HTML)

First Place: Mount Michael Team II

Second Place: Mount Michael Team I

Third Place: Gross I Data Masters

Final Scoring: Event by Event


Physics Field Day 2004 (PDF)

First Place - Gross Catholic High School

Second Place - Mount Michael

Third Place - Mount Michael



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