Recent Astro-Particle Physics Publications

Brooijmans, G., Gripaios, B., Moortgat, F., Santiago, J., Skands, P., Duda, G. and others, “Les Houches 2011: Physics at TeV Colliders New Physics Working Group Report”, arXiv:hep-ph/1203.1488.

Garrett, K. (now Bruckman, K.), and Duda, G., “Dark Mater: A Primer”, Advances in Astronomy, vol. 2011, Article ID 968283, 22 pages (2010).

Duda, G., Kemper, A., Gondolo, P., "Model Independent Form Factors for Spin Independent
Neutralino-Nucleon Scattering from Elastic Electron Scattering Data", J. Cosm. Ast. Part. Phys.
04, 012 (2007).

Duda, G. "What can 1970's Elastic Electron Scattering Experiments tell us about the Direct De-
tection of Dark Matter?", Nuc. Phys. B (Proc. Suppl.) 173, 68-71 (2007).

Duda, G. "Dectectability of weakly interacting dark matter candidates", New Ast. Rev. 49, 139-142

Underlined names are Creighton undergraduate students.

Click here for a full list of my astro-particle and theoretical particle physics publications.

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