FCMCP Ancillary Materials


Use the links below to download various (jpeg) copies of the figures found in the textbook.  As of this time (08/17/12), I cannot verify that all the figures are here or that they are not slightly different from that found in the textbook.  Nevertheless, I would estimate they are about 95% faithful to those in the textbook.

 Figures in Ch. 1 through Ch. 7

 Figures in Ch. 8 through Ch. 11

 Figures in Ch. 12 through Appendix


PowerpointTM Lectures

Use the links below to download various (ppt) lecture slides that I last used in 2011.  Not all chapters of the textbook are represented and not all the content of the textbook was discussed in class.  Most all of the slides have figures in them taken from the www in the heat of lecture-writing that are not properly credited.  I make no claims of authorship for these, but would speculate that their use in a purely educational setting might be justified within the context of "fair use".

 Lectures in Ch. 1 through 4

 Lectures in Ch. 5 through 8

 Lectures in Ch. 9 through 12

 Lectures in Ch. 13 through 15

 Lectures in Ch. 16 through 18


Old Syllabi and Some Exams

 Spring 2011


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