Admission Requirements and Application Information

In general, properly-prepared students will have undergraduate preparation in physics and related support courses comparable to the present minimum Physics degree requirements at Creighton University. This must include upper-division course work covering each of the following areas: mechanics, electromagnetics, and modern physics. Additional work in physics to bring the total to twenty-four semester hours, plus the associated support from mathematics, is necessary. In addition, the general graduate school application requirements (including copies of official transcripts of all undergraduate work, three letters of reference, a personal statement, general aptitude GRE results, and TOEFL results (for international students; a minimum of 90 on the iBT with scores of 20 in each category is required) must be submitted as part of the application.

Here is a link to the graduate school pages including on-line copies of application and recommendation forms. For further information, please contact Dr. Michael G. Nichols, Graduate Program Director, email:, Telephone: (402) 280-2159

We review applications as soon as we receive them and offer teaching and research fellowships as they become available. Typically, applications should be completed not later than the last week of July or the second week of December, to be considered for admission in the Fall and Spring semesters, respectively.

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