The Mission of the College of Arts and Sciences

The mission statement of the College of Arts and Sciences reads:

"Creighton College of Arts and Sciences provides high quality undergraduate programs in the liberal arts and sciences. The members of the College are united in their dedication both to the pursuit of truth and the implementation of that truth in service."

"The College demands from its faculty excellent teaching, sustained and enhanced by on-going scholarship, and research significant in its own rights. It demands of its students breadth of learning, fostered by experiences in both liberal arts and sciences and in professional education. The former seeks to develop perspectives and insights into the issues, events, ideas and values which abound in human experience; the latter seeks to instill a comprehensive knowledge of a field as preparation for both career competence and continuing professional growth. Both experiences seek to present truth as an individual and societal good by educating our students to be effective decision-makers."

"As Jesuit, the College develops the abilities and talents of its members to their fullest, inculcating critical and creative thinking, relating the present with the best of our past, and shaping a future that benefits humankind to the greater glory of God."

"As Catholic, the College asks of its faculty, staff and graduates a commitment to the generous service of others, not merely within the university community, but also within the larger American and world communities. Through such, the College offers the Church a community of thinking and discourse."

"Creighton College of Arts and Sciences nurtures its members intellectually and spiritually, preparing them to meet their world with real concern, creative freedom, firm purpose, and strong resolve."

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