Seminar: How Fast is Ultrafast: Non-Equilibrium Quantum Matter at 10^{-15} s

How Fast is Ultrafast: Non-Equilibrium Quantum Matter at 10-15 s


Dr. Jigang Wang

Associate Professor and Staff Scientist
Dept. of Physics, Iowa State University
Materials Science and Engineering Division: Ames Laboratory

The challenge to push the gigahertz (109 hertz) switching speed-limit of today’s logic and magnetic memory devices into the terahertz (1012 hertz) regime underlies the entire field of information processing, storage, communication as well as integrated multi-functional systems. I will discuss to implement an emerging theme: use ultrashort laser pulses to achieve ultrafast control of quantum materials and explore non-equilibrium quantum dynamics at femtosecond (fs, 10-15 s) timescales. This cross-cutting theme has merged different disciplines of current focus including condensed matter physics, quantum materials, ultrafast nonlinear optics, nano-photonics/-electronics... These provide increasing evidence, both from intellectual and practical point of view, on a paradigm shift for modern science and technology to engage ultrafast physics and technology. I will show some snapshots from recent published work from my group [1-5] to meet this ultrafast challenge.

[1] L. Luo et al., Physical Review Letters, 114, 107402 (2015).
[2] A. Patz, et al, Nature Communications, 5:4229 (2014).
[3] L. Luo, et al., Nature Communications, 5:3055 (2014).
[4] T. Li, et al., Nature, 496, 69 (2013).
[5] T. Li et al., Physical Review Letters, 108, 167401 (2012).

Date of Event
Hixson-Lied Science Building G59

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