Field Day 2013 - The Space Race

This spring, the Creighton University Society of Physics Students (CUSPS) will  sponsor Physics Field Day, a day of activities and excitement for high school students. The theme of the 2013 Physics Field Day is "The Space Race," with a secondary theme of "The Last 50 years"  to honor the 50th Anniversary of CUSPS!

The day is filled with competitions that require understanding and application of basic physical principles. We in the CUSPS believe that physics can be enjoyed in a hands-on, competitive spirit. There is an event for everyone!

It is our hope that the diversity of the Physics Field Day events will encourage many students to participate and challenge themselves.

Information on how to register for this event is found in the attached rulebook.

Date of Event
Hixson Lied G59
Contact info
Nathan Horst (
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Field Day Rulebook 2013 342.75 KB

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