Physics Department Seminar 01-22-2010

First Physics at the LHC, ALICE

Dr. Bjorn Nilsen

Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Creighton University Physics Department

Abstract:  In 1990 a group of Nuclear physicists got together to dream up a heavy ion collider experiment. By 1993 this became the ALICE proposal. I, Bjorn Nilsen, started work on ALICE in 1998 when I came to Ohio State University as the only (active at least) US participant in ALICE. Eleven years and 9 months later the LHC was finally able to collide its first protons together and, shortly after that, accelerate them to a new (human) record energy. I will present a brief history and show some of the first very preliminary results, from the ALICE detector.



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Dr. Jack Gabel

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