Private or Public content

For any content that you post, you can decide what groups are able to see it.  While you are editing or creating the content, click on >View/Edit permissions section and you'll see a bunch of roles. For each you get to choose whether that role can view edit or delete your work.

Going from most general (largest audience) to most specific (smallest)....

Anonymous users are people who browse the website but are not logged any - pretty much anyone in the outside world.

Never let an anonymous users edit or delete your work!!

If you want the world to see it, its ok to select view...if not don't check the box. I intend these blog entries to be private, so I have not checked the anonymous block.

Everyone who logs in is an authenticated user - could be faculty, staff or students that we all know.  Usually safe to let them see it. But if you want to hide something, say from students prying eyes, then don't select this box.

all of the other groups are subsets of autheticated users - faculty+staff, students, and the various research groups....

The best rules of thumb include....

  • don't allow anyone else to delete your work.
  • Only allow collaborative groups that you are involved in to edit your work...

I hope this helps! MN

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