Matt Armbruster gets First place award at the student programming competition at the XSEDE13 Conference

Matt Armbruster was awarded FIRST place at the student programming competition that took place at the 2013 XSEDE conference in San Diego, California. This was a very exciting moment and a recognition of Matt's strong programming skills. Matt has been doing research with the Computational Molecular Biophysics for two years and will be finishing his master's studies by May 2014. If you see Matt around, congratulate him for his achievement!

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Matt Armbruster gets scholarship to attend the 2013 Open Science Grid User School and XSEDE13 Conference

Matt Armbruster, graduate student and senior member of the Computational Molecular Biophysics research group, was awarded a very competitive full scholarship to attend the 2013 Open Science Grid User School and XSEDE13 Conference. Fabulous opportunity to get trained into the forefront of high performance computing techniques and technologies. Great, Matt!

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Nathan Horst gets a DOE SULI internship

Nathan Horst, class of 2014 and current member of the Computational Molecular Biophysics research group, has been awarded the very competitive DOE SULI (Department of Energy Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship) for Summer 2013. Nathan will be doing research on design by self-assembly at the AMES laboratory. Well done, Nathan!!

CU Physics Major receives SPS Award

Anya Burkart receieved the 2010 Outstanding Student Award for Undergraduate Research from the Society of Physics Students (SPS). Anya will present her research on optical force measurements with the optical stretcher, and represent the U.S. SPS at the 2010 International Conference of Physics Students in August in Austria.

The award also includes $500 the Creighton University SPS chapter.


Physics Major Anya Burkart receives 2010 Goldwater Scholarship

Anya Burkart (Physics and German double major) was one of two Creighton University students to receive a prestigious Goldwater Scholarship in 2010. For 2009-2010, 278 fellowships were awarded to sophomores and juniors selected from more than 1100 applications across the nation. Anya is actively involved in Biophysical Optics Research Group with Dr. Michael Nichols, developing light-force tools for single-cell biomechanical assays.

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