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About Our Chapter: Activities

The Creighton chapter of the Society of Physics students is active throughout the entire academic year.  Meetings are held most every month where free pizza is shared and upcoming activities discussed.  Some of the events which are usually done each year are:

Fall Semester

Physnic - A picnic put on by SPS for the entire department as an opportunity for the faculty, staff, graduate, and undergraduate students to get to know each other and any new students in a social setting.

Haunted Lab - Beware and be spooked as the optics lab is transformed into a Halloween tunnel demonstrating the many applications of physics through terrific demonstrations set to a haunted theme.

Community Service - The SPS tries to do one day of service per semester, a recent fall community service event was raking up leaves for those unable to do so themselves.

Spring Semester

Physics Department Retreat - The SPS is crucial to planning and executing the annual Departmental Retreat for all students and faculty.  The SPS helps decide what the theme and discussion of the retreat are as well as planning the meals and logistics.

Physics Field Day - The highlight of the year for the SPS is hosting a day of competition for high school physics classes.  High schoolers from Nebraska and Iowa come to compete in contests which involve using the basic concepts of physics which they are learning about in their classes.  Events such as catapults, quiz bowl, circuit building, optical slalom and many more make for a fun packed day for those participating and administrating.  To see the winners and rulebooks for past Field Days, visit the Hall of Fame located in the Departmental Events section.

Community Service - Traditionally the SPS has spent a day working with Habitat for Humanity for the spring service.

Photos from these activies can be found in the Photo Gallery.

Current Officers:

The Society of Physics Students annually elects four officers at the end of the spring term to serve for the following academic year.  The ’23-’24 academic year officers are:

President:  Nick Tobin
Vice-President: Chance Persons
Secretary: Molly McLaughlin
Treasurer: Grace Dirks

Faculty Moderator: Dr. Patricia Soto

If you are interested in joined the Society of Physics Students please contact Mason Rhodes:

About our Chapter: Background

The Creighton University Physics Club was founded in the fall semester of 1962-63 by Dr. Thomas H. Zepf who also served as the club's first faculty moderator. On April 22, 1968 the club became one of the 292 original founding chapters of the Society of Physics Students (SPS) an affiliate of the American Institute of Physics. Physics majors are strongly encouraged to join the Creighton University Chapter. The SPS encourages a professional spirit and friendship among its members and it provides an opportunity for students to form a closer relationship with faculty. Its activities seek to promote interest in physics both on campus and in the local community. Membership provides a number of benefits including scholarships and travel awards, as well as a subscription to the journal, Physics Today.

Sigma Pi Sigma, the national physics honor society

Sigma Pi Sigma is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies. It serves as a means of awarding distinction to students of high scholarship and promise of achievement in physics. It promotes student interest in research and advanced study in physics. Founded in 1921, it is now housed within the Society of Physics Students. Today there are hundreds of chartered chapters throughout the United States. The Creighton University chapter was chartered on December 5th, 1982 with the induction of 15 members who met the eligibility requirements. The installing officers were  Dr. Thomas H. Zepf and Dr. Nancy Fogarty of Creighton University, and Dr. Robert Wood Green of Morningside College. Membership is open to all students with an interest in physics who have completed at least three semesters of full-time college work, including 12 hours of upper-division physics courses applicable to the major. Undergraduate students must have a minimum QPA of 3.25 in all college work and a 3.25 in upper-division physics at the time of initiation. Graduate students must have satisfactorily completed at least 15 semester hours of graduate work in physics and be approved for membership by the Graduate Physics Faculty on the basis of the quality of their graduate work. Election to Sigma Pi Sigma is a lifetime membership.

About the Society of Physics Students and Sigma Pi Sigma

If you would like to learn about the Society of Physics Students and Sigma Pi Sigma, the physics honor society you might start by reading the national SPS webpages. This website has membership forms, scholarship applications,travel award notices, research award forms, related to the Society for Physics Students.

Past Officers

Past SPS Officers
year President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer
2023-2024 Nick Tobin Chance Persons Molly McLaughlin Grace Dirks
2019-2020 Mason Rhodes Emi Berni Lorenzo Riva Andrew Walther
2018-2019 Sam Ruiz John Sunderland Gus Hernandez Colin Reedy




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