Career Opportunities

Creighton's physics programs are designed to combine a solid foundation in physics with adaptability to a wide range of student interests and career objectives. Our programs lay the foundation for careers in fields such as astronomy, astrophysics and space exploration, atomic physics, biophysics, computer science and technology, electronics and photonics, elementary particle physics, holography, laser physics, mathematical physics, medical physics, nuclear physics, optics, solid state physics, superconductivity - to name just a few.

There are graduates of Creighton's physics programs enjoying successful careers in all of the above fields, as well as medical doctors, dentists, lawyers and teachers who chose physics as their major at Creighton.

Our physics majors are prepared for entry-level positions in government or industry, or they can pursue graduate study in any of the many specialties of physics. Our majors are also accepted for graduate study in a variety of engineering fields, including electrical engineering. The acceptance rate for Creighton physics majors applying to graduate or professional schools is over 95%.

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