Nuclear Science Merit Badge Links

The following links may be helpful with finding the information necessary to complete the requirements.


Requirement One 

Radiation Hazards
Radiation Hazards of X-rays
Radiation Hazards in the U.S.
Estimate your Annual Dose of Radiation
The ABC's of Nuclear Science
Nuclear Connect - Center for Nuclear Science and Technology Information
US Energy Information Administration Nuclear Explained
US Nuclear Regulatory Commission Students' Corner
Environmental Protection Agency Radiation Protection
The Discovery Of Radioactivity
Radioactivity (Georgia State University)

Requirement Two

Glossary of Nuclear Terms
First Course in Nuclear Science
Understand the Nuclear Wall Chart
Radiation Information
Glossary of Nuclear Science Terms

Requirement Three

Brookhaven National Lab Research Facilities
Fermi Lab
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
Jefferson National Lab Accelerator
Argonne National User Research Facilities
Advanced Light Source at Berkeley
Facility for Rare Isotope Beams

Requirement Four

Part A
Building an electroscope (PBS Kids)
How Do Different Materials React to Static Electricity?
Part B
How to Make a Cloud Chamber!
How a cloud chamber shows the tracks of radiation
Part C
Irradiation of Food
Irradiation information and how to recognize irradiated foods at the store

Requirement Five

Part A
Radiation Protection Basics
Part B
Citizen’s Guide to Radon
How radon tests work
Part C
X-ray info and safety precautions
What Is X-Ray Exposure? How Safe Are Repeated X-Rays?

Requirement Six

Part A
A teacher's guide to the nuclear science wall chart with all files in pdf form
Or try this html tour of the nuclear science wall chart
Nuclear energy tutorial
Half-lives explained with animation
How nuclear power works
How nuclear radiation works
Nuclear chemistry tutorial with practice problems
All about nuclear fission with Quicktime videos
Nuclear fusion, hydrogen bombs, and neutron bombs with Quicktime videos
Radiocarbon dating
PBS animation of what happened at Three Mile Island
Chain reaction
Nuclear Power: Our Misunderstood Source of Electricity

Part B
Description of how a Nuclear Reactor works
Inside a Nuclear Reactor
How is nuclear fission turned into electrical energy?

Requirement Seven

Radioisotopes in Medicine
Radioactive dating
Smoke detectors
PET scan
Radiation therapy
Radioisotope Power Systems
Radioisotopes in Industry
Nuclear Power

Requirement Eight 

Careers in Nuclear Science: Options and Requirements
Professions in Radiology
Radiation Therapy Careers

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