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Physics Club (SPS) meeting

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that we are having our first meeting this year of the Creighton Society of Physics Students (Physics Club) on Tuesday September 7th at 5:20pm in the physics clubroom across from the department offices!  We will talk about what is in store for the upcoming year, club dues, and there will be FREE FOOD AND SODA!  Anyone who is interested in physics is welcome to join and I encourage you to come and see what we are all about!

Have a great labor day weekend!

Eric Hauger
President, C.U. Society of Physics Students


Physics Clubroom
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Eric Hauger

Masters Thesis Presentation

Masters Thesis Defense

Department of Physics

Photo- and Bio-Physical Characterization of Novel Lipophilic Fluorescent Dyes
For Multicolor Neurotracing and Transcellular Lipid Diusion Measurements

Jeffrey Tonniges


Lipophilic Fluorescent dyes are used to trace neuronal connections and probe cellular activities by insertion into and lateral diusion within cell membranes. The photophysical and biophysical properties of two sets of lipophilic Fluorescent dyes were characterized to study: 1) how to increase the number of distinct colors in a single specimen for neurotracing, and 2) how the hydrocarbon chain length aects the mechanism for lipid diusion in living cells. To address these inquiries, fluorescence spectroscopy measurements of a multicolored dye set and diusion measurements in cultured cells of a set of dyes with various hydrocarbon chain lengths were performed. Two-photon excitation action cross sections for the multicolored dye set and their use in designing multicolor imaging protocols will be discussed. Transcellular diusion and FRAP measurements of the chain-variant dye set will be presented and the role of the hydrocarbon chain length on lipid diusion will be explored.

Rigge Science G05
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Dr. Michael Nichols

CU Physics Major receives SPS Award

Anya Burkart receieved the 2010 Outstanding Student Award for Undergraduate Research from the Society of Physics Students (SPS). Anya will present her research on optical force measurements with the optical stretcher, and represent the U.S. SPS at the 2010 International Conference of Physics Students in August in Austria.

The award also includes $500 the Creighton University SPS chapter.


Physics Major Anya Burkart receives 2010 Goldwater Scholarship

Anya Burkart (Physics and German double major) was one of two Creighton University students to receive a prestigious Goldwater Scholarship in 2010. For 2009-2010, 278 fellowships were awarded to sophomores and juniors selected from more than 1100 applications across the nation. Anya is actively involved in Biophysical Optics Research Group with Dr. Michael Nichols, developing light-force tools for single-cell biomechanical assays.

Congratulations Field Day Champions!

This year 10 teams fielded from Gross Catholic, Papillion, Mount Michael and Omaha Central.  Teams competed in seven events: Optical Slalom, Bridge Building, Chalk Talk (Lasers), Quiz Bowl, Student Powered Water Heater,  MouseTrap Car Building, and the Mystery Teacher event (The complete program can be found here).


Physics Field Day 2010 - Lasers!

This spring, the Creighton University Society of Physics Students (CUSPS) will again sponsor Physics Field Day, a day of activities and excitement for high school students. The theme of the 2010 Physics Field Day is Lasers! In celebration of the 50th Anniversery of the Laser. The rulebook can be found here.

HL G59
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Anya Burkart

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